The island municipality of Mapun is situated at the western part of the Mindanao Peninsula. To its northwest is the Palawan Peninsula, and to the south is the federal state of Sabah, Malaysia. Mapun is approximately 163 miles northwest of Bongao, the provincial capital of Tawi-Tawi. It is 220 miles west of Zamboanga City and only 69 miles north of Sandakan town of Sabah, Malaysia.

Sea transportation1 is provided by seven sea vessels regularly traveling the Mapun-Zamboanga City and vice-versa route.  Sea travel time from Zamboanga City usually takes more than 27 hours

From Bongao, Mapun is reached within 20 hours. Mapun-Palawan via Brookes Point sea   route   takes   14-15 hours   using motor launches. Privately-owned small motorboats in Mapun could travel from the island municipality to Sandakan, Sabah Malaysia in 8 hours while fast sea crafts like speedboats could ferry passengers to the place only in 2 hours’ time..


Port Facility Layout
At the eastern tip of the Poblacion is the only pier in Mapun, with a surface area of 30 meters by 12 meters and depth of about 3-4 fathoms.  At low tide, water depth is only at about 2 fathoms. Large vessels have to drop anchor about a hundred meters away.