The Base Port of Jolo is the main port in the province of Sulu and is located in Jolo, a municipality on the Island of Jolo, and the capital of the province of Sulu, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, Jolo has a population of 125,564 people, making it the most populous municipality in the province.

There are several ports in the Island of Jolo and these are found mostly in the municipalities of Jolo and Parang. There are 2 private ports under PMO Jolo and both are in Jolo itself, namely: Hjiwaid Wharf and Jundilon Wharf.

Within 2.5km radius from BP Jolo are located some 10 other ports as well as the Jolo Airport with a runway length of about 1.83km.


Port Facility Layout
Facilities include an L-shape structure consisting of a 12m x 80m Pier Approach and a Wharf, also about 12m x 80m, with a RORO Ramp at its east-end.   A Marginal   Wharf of some 145m long connects the L-shape structure to the Main Wharf of 80m berth- length. The East portion of the Main Wharf has a 70m berth-length. At the West portion is a RORO berth, 12m x 50m.  The main buildings are the PMO and MPTB.